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2022 World Cup Fixtures

2022 World Cup Schedule & Format

The World Cup is the most viewed soccer tournament in the world and the current format is one that is loved by the fans. However, this will be the final World Cup that adopts this particular format before the expansion of the competition from 32 teams to 48 teams set to take place in 2026. As such, the familiar format of eight groups of four teams will remain in Qatar. The groups are decided via a draw, prior to which they have each been divided into one of four pots. The pot that each team is placed in is dependant on their standing in the FIFA World Rankings. The top eight ranked teams will enter Pot 1, the next eight go into Pot 2 and so on until Pot 4 is complete. However, the host nation will always be in Pot 1 regardless of their ranking, which can make small changes to the order of the Pots.

Each team will play three matches during the group stage, facing each opponent within their group once. Two teams will progress from each group to the knockout stage, with the positions being awarded to the two teams that have accumulated the most points from their three fixtures. Points are awarded for the following results — three for a win, one for a draw and zero for a defeat. If two or more teams finish on the same number of points after three matches then goal difference will be used to decide the order of the group. There are additional measures that can be used to separate teams such as goals scored and even drawing lots if there is no other way to divide the teams. It is also tradition in the World Cup for all four teams to play their final group match at the same time as each other, meaning there are as many as eight games on one day in the final round of group stage fixtures.

Once all group games have been played and the top two places of each group have been decided, the knockout stage will commence. The schedule of the knockout stage is pre-determined and is based on the order that teams are grouped and qualify from. The knockout stage is made up of 16 teams and is single elimination format, meaning defeated teams will be eliminated from the tournament. This continues all the way through to the World Cup Final, where the winning team will be crowned world champions. The two losers of the World Cup Semi-Finals will also play out the Third Place Play-Off the day before the Final itself. As previously mentioned, this is the last World Cup that will follow this popular format before the expansion to 48 nations takes place.