Best Android Betting Apps

There are now more options than ever before when it comes to betting, with the rise of the industry being an exponential aid to us punters. As a result, customers are benefitting all the time and, in particular, it is mobile users who are receiving the most benefits. Mobile gamblers now have the chance to place their bets via a dedicated mobile app, giving you more choice than ever before when it comes to gambling.

A huge percentage of mobile players will be playing on these mobile apps via Android devices, which make up a significant proportion of mobile players across the world. With that in mind, many bookmakers have now made dedicated Android betting apps for their customers to use, which is only good news for those users. That is because there are thousands of different betting apps that are available on Android devices, all of which unfortunately can’t be trusted as you are able to download apps to your Android device via third-party stores on an APK file.

Luckily for you, we have taken away any doubts you may have over who you can and can’t trust by listing the very best Android betting apps all in one place. There are many different choices for players when it comes to choosing which apps to use on their Android devices, but we guarantee to only select the very best ones for customers to use all in one place.

How to Download Android Betting Apps

There are two different options for Android players when it comes to downloading Android betting apps onto your device. The first and the most common is to do so via the Google Play Store, finding the app that you are looking for and simply pressing download from there.

Players also have the alternative option to download their apps via an APK file, which can be safe but should be done with precaution. APK files should not be downloaded from anywhere other than the official website of the app that you are looking to add to your Android device, so you know that the app is coming from the bookmaker themselves. Once you hit download, you will then have to go to settings on your Android device, then allowing installation of apps from sources outside of the Google Play Store to then use the APK file as a betting app on your device.

Android Betting App Options

Players that are wanting to gamble using their Android device may do so with a number of different options to choose from. Below, we have identified the most popular methods of gambling when using an Android betting app:

Sports Betting Apps

There are many different Android sports betting apps out there for players to pick from, all of which present a wide range of sports for you to gamble on. In the UK, these are the most popular and the majority of the biggest names in sports betting will have a dedicated Android betting app for you to download for free. These feature a number of different sports such as football, horse racing, tennis, boxing, cricket and many more, ensuring avid sports fans will always have plenty to choose from.

Casinos Apps

The next most popular type of Android betting app are the casino apps, of which there are now more than ever before to choose from. Again, with this in mind, it is important to check that they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission before playing, as will be the case with all of our chosen Android betting apps. Here, you will be able to play all of your favourite casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots all in one place.

Poker Apps

Given the popularity of online poker, it is no surprise to see that many bookmakers have now developed a dedicated Android betting app that is just for those who want to play poker games. Within these games you will be able to play a variety of different types of poker, whilst having a number of different rooms and tournaments that you can enter.

Slots Apps

Android bettors are also able to download apps onto their device that specialise in slot games, which are another one of the most popular games to play when gambling online. Slots games are plenty of fun and easy to play, meaning they will almost always be a favourite amongst punters.

Bingo Apps

Finally, there are also a number of Android bingo apps that are available to download today onto your Android device. These apps allow you to perform all of the bingo betting that you please all in one place, giving you special offers and promotions for that particular game that you would imagine bingo site players would be specifically looking for.