Chancebet App Review

Published: July 23, 2019
Author: Dean Carr
Last Updated: August 5, 2019

Chancebet is an exciting online betting site, which is also available on mobile devices as an app to download. It can only be accessed from Italy, where players will see games and bets such as sports, virtual bets, card games, bingo, blackjack, baccarat, casino games, lottery, live dealer games and much, much more. It’s owned by Vittoria Bet 2009 srl and the main language used within the site is Italian and English is not supported on Chancebet’s app or website.

How to use and Download the Chancebet App

iOS and Android

Chancebet is available for download on both iOS and Android devices from their respective stores. To download the Chancebet app on Android, users must make their way to the Google Play Store and download it from there after searching for Chancebet in the search bar, while iOS users can do the same through the App Store. Both sets of users have the option to download the app by using a link on Chancebet’s website and there are multiple different versions on display, so users can pick whichever one they prefer between Poker and Casino on iOS only, or the general betting app which can be used on either piece of software. If users would rather, they are able to simply use the website instead of an app as the site is very well designed and works perfectly on mobile devices.

Before beginning their Chancebet experience, users must first login or sign up for Chancebet by clicking or tapping on the relevant icon placed at the top right of their screen. Registration is not a lengthy process, however as was previously mentioned it’s solely available to Italian users.

Chancebet App Features

Chancebet is a firm favourite among the Italian betting community due to its wide array of options and multiple sports to choose from when it comes to picking your favourite bets. When users first visit the site, they’ll notice that there are four options. The first is sports, the second is casino and third is poker. Further down is the fourth section, which hosts different sports such as tennis and football matches occurring soon or on the day itself.

The sports segment of Chancebet is very intriguing and shows plenty of action happening in the near future, which decent odds on most events. Chancebet offers prices on rugby, baseball, cycling, football, beach volleyball and far more too. Within the football section there are, at the time of writing, 488 events that can be bet on. These include the likes of English football, Spanish football, German and French football, as well as Austrian, Brazilian and Colombian football.

Chancebet’s Casino section is also impressively put together, with all the games placed beside one another in a neat format. Games such as Super Twister, Book of Oz, Hot Spin, Iron Girl, Sultan and Street Magic can all be played, guaranteeing hours of fun. Towards the bottom of the screen, users will find choices between new games, suggested games, videoslots, live casino and live bets. Each of these are thrilling adventures and users can be sure of a fantastic experience with such a vast amount of games.

Poker on Chancebet is something to not miss out on, as there are brilliant promotions throughout the year which can help users win big rewards constantly.On Sunday at 9pm, a tournament takes place which lasts twelve minutes and the reward ranges between £15,000 to a whopping £35,000. Other competitions such as Sunday King and Sunday Light are part of the poker package, where users can come out victorious and earn up to £100,000.

Chancebet Bonuses

The Happy Hour promotional offer from Chancebet gives users from all three main platforms (casino, sports, poker) the opportunity to earn rewards. Users that have taken a punt on sports action will receive the full amount of their bet, regardless of whether it won or lost, and in the event that over one bet has been placed the one with the highest stake will be refunded up to £30. Casino players can get back up to 50% of their stake on the game in which they have won the least, with a maximum reward of £30, while those who prefer to play poker will be refunded the full amount of their stake up to £30 too. Users will be made aware of when the Happy Hour will take place from Tuesday to Saturday as an advertisement will appear on screen at 12:00. Users can request their bonus from Chancebet by emailing, from which time it should take no more than 24 hours for the funds to appear in their account.

Users can earn up to 25% of their losses back if they are casino, sports and poker players, so everyone who uses Chancebet can get in amongst the fun. For sports users, their bets will qualify if they are single bets with odds of at least 2.0 or multiple bets of odds set at 2.50 or greater. They must have played 5 bets during the month, and the calculation of the bonus that will be credited to their account is paid only if their bets have not won. Casino players should be aware that this offer is only open to slots games, and in the poker section it is solely available in poker cash. The refunds for this offer range between 15% to 25% depending on the stake placed by the user, and will be put in the player’s account within 48 hours of their bet qualifying for this offer. The bonus funds will remain active for one month, although the stake must be £2 or higher.

Chancebet Payment Methods

As is the case with many other online betting firms, there are quite a few ways to pay with Chancebet too. These include: Visa Electron, MasterCard, PostePay, Skrill and There are no other available methods of payment with Chancebet and users should be aware that not all methods will payout in equal time, with some withdrawing funds into bank accounts in up to five days whereas others may take just three. Users should check with their card service provider before deciding on which payment method to use.

Chancebet Restricted Territories

At the time of writing, Chancebet is only available to users who reside in Italy and can prove that they live in the country. This makes sense as Italian is the main language on the site and it would be quite difficult for outsiders to understand most of the time, so if you’re from Italy, count yourself fortunate! Should a user try create an account when in a nation other than Italy they will be prevented from doing so, and the same goes for those who attempt to login when visiting other countries. The Chancebet app is also unavailable outside of Italy.

Chancebet Customer Service

Chancebet customers can contact the support team by email and over the phone, where they’ll be met with a dedicated member of staff whose priority is customer satisfaction. To make a telephone call to Chancebet, users can dial 0957461142, and if they would instead prefer to send an email regarding their query, there are four different addresses, each of which provide a service. The first is where users can get general information, and the second is where customers should email if there are any issues about their account details. Third is Here, users can enquire about issues to do with payment and transactions as well as postal bills or administrative information. The fourth and final email address is and this is where anyone who would like to get in touch regarding commercial tasks should go.

Chancebet Summary

Chancebet is an excellent website if you love sports, casino or poker and provides an excellent range of odds, markets and options to choose from. During our short time on the site we realised just how much effort has gone in to making the site so accessible to so many people, however we do have a couple of issues. The interface is very dark and can be a little clunky at times, while it can be difficult to navigate from one section to the next without constantly having to login again and again. The contact information is all present on the site so users can be pleased to know the team is always ready to help. One of our favourite things about Chancebet is the huge sports section, which contains matches and events from all across the world so people of all interests can be included. Overall, this is certainly a site we recommend to those who are permitted access in Italy.