Minibet App Review


Minibet is not a traditional online bookmaker but presents itself as a social betting game. The concept features the fundamental elements of sports betting in that customers are placing wagers on outcomes in sports events to happen. There is not a desktop version of the site and all users access to the service using mobile devices that are generally Android or iOS hardware. The app features a wide range of betting markets but as the operation is based in New York there is focus on the US sports of ice hockey, baseball, basketball and football. One of the strengths of the app is the range of play-by-play betting opportunities. 

How To Use The Minibet App 

iOS and Android

There is a downloadable app coming soon for Minibet but no release for desktop computers. The app for iOS will be downloadable from iTunes. Potential new mobile customers search for ‘Minibet’ Once the app has been located customers follow the instructions to download the app. There is currently no Android release that can be downloaded from Google Play which does not carry any gaming related apps. The app can also be downloaded on to a device with a mobile optimised browser. The concept is relatively new so the apps should improve once they have been released and have more functions in the fullness of time.  

Minibet App Features 

The Minibet app will not provide traditional sports betting but the concept is described as social betting, This is similar to peer-to-peer betting on a betting exchange which is a form of social betting. There is no bookmaker as such but the odds are set by backers and layers and Minibet earn commission on the transactions. Here are a number of features that will be available on the Minibet mobile app when it is launched on the appropriate app stores: 

Sports Betting

Minibet is a betting game that is carried out between individuals and without the need for a bookmaker. However, the operator adds the sports, league and fixtures to the app and customers than bet amongst themselves. The operator does not make from the difference between the stake and the payout. There is a commission charge for each transaction and various levels of commission, depending on the sport. There will be focus on the four betting sports in North America but also betting options for global sports like soccer, tennis and golf. The range of markers should replicate the betting options for a live event with a traditional online bookmaker. 

Live Play  

Traditional sportsbooks have a limited range of betting markets because it requires time and human resources to set the odds and manage the markets. The odds on offer with Minibet are determined by betting activity. If backers outnumber layers the odds shorten and if layers outnumber backers the odds lengthen. The backer places the bet and the layer accepts the bet at a mutually agreeable price. Odds fluctuations are caused by the in balance between backers and layer. The Minibet concept involves a dynamic range of play-by-play events and betting events which customers can back or lay. Bets can be placed before the match begins but most of the activity is during the action and the markets are dynamic. 

Social Betting  

Minibet betting is similar to Daily Fantasy Sports in that there are numerous betting opportunities during a match. Customers set the odds and bet against each other. The betting events can be watched live and there is a high turnover of betting markets. Customers are watching the same event and are privy to the odds. Some might take a view that a certain outcome will transpire while others may believe it will not. Minibet brings together players with contrasting opinions and provides the social environment to place back and lay bets. The activity is more engaging than conventional betting. Minibet promotes betting by providing match statistics and a visual presentation of the action. The concept is about engagement and social betting.  

Minibet Welcome Offer 

The app has yet to be launched so there is no welcome offer but potential new customers can see a demonstration and test the system. In order to receive an invitation to a demo customers enter their email address. Once the email has been entered within a few seconds an email arrives which explains how the demonstration works. Here is a step-by-step guide to learning the basics of Minibet betting:

  1. Enter an email address to receive information about the next demo.
  2. Customers watch the game from home or any other location.
  3. The concept is mobile app based so there is no need to use a computer.
  4. Customers login in to the web app but can login from a mobile-optimised browser.
  5. A new account holder receives $20 in the form of free betting funds.   
  6. Players engage in social peer-to-peer gambling.
  7. Profit from the demo will be sent to the winning players. 
  8. Minibet general Terms & Conditions apply.

In effect potential new customers are credited with $20 in the form of no-risk betting funds. Any winnings that accrue from the free bets are sent to the customers but winnings do not include the free bet stake. The free bet is for a modest amount and will not be sufficient to learn how the concept works. However, there are no risks and the profits are paid in cash but the free bet stake is retained by the operator. 

Minibet Payment Methods 

Banking will be carried out using debit and credit cards, e-Wallets, prepaid cards and Bank Transfer. Deposits will be immediate and free of charge while withdrawals will be subject to delays and there could be a minimal fee depending on the provider. 

Minibet Restricted Territories 

The site is based in the United States and will express the odds in American format. The transactions are expressed in dollars so US players will dominate the betting but there is no reason why customers from overseas should not register. Restrictions will be based on local regulations and some countries will be restricted.  

Minibet Customer Service 

At the time of writing before the Minibet apps were launched potential new customers contact the operator by email or complete a box to request a demonstration. There is no indication if there will be telephone support but the current demo site does show the postal address for the operation. It is unclear if Live Chat will be available.  

Minibet Summary 

Social gaming is not a new concept but Minibet have emphasised the engagement element of the concept. There are many live events with numerous markets which means the betting opportunities will be constant. Odds will change leading up to the action and there will be a large supply of future markets for events taking place later in the game. The concept is sound and the app will support major platforms and the popular mobile devices. This innovative betting game should be a success and will generate new markets and a great del of betting.  

Minibet Highlights 

  • Downloadable apps for the major devices
  • Social betting and engagement
  • Game by game play with statistics and visual guides to the play